About us

TBQvoices is a quarterly magazine by Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, published both via web -in Italian and in English – and in printed form only in Italian. The publication starts from May 2020 with Issue No. 0 (only via web, since all theatres are closed because of covid19).

TBQvoices is a medium to reflect and discuss matters “striking” us in the present, a present time that meets and detects the distance of the past.

Editorial staff: Giorgio Andriani, Dalila D’Amico, Valentina Marini, Federica Migliotti, Antonino Pirillo, Valentina Valentini
Conception by: Valentina Valentini
Translations by: Julian Vizioli
Translation check by: Valentina Ajmone Marsàn
Photos: Paolo Emilio Cenciarelli
TBQvoices web graphic design by: Lorenzo Giansante
TBQvoices printed graphic: Andrea Vendetti