About us

TBQvoices is a quarterly magazine by Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, published both via web -in Italian and in English – and in printed form only in Italian. The publication starts from May 2020 with Issue No. 0 (only via web, since all theatres are closed because of covid19).

TBQvoices is a medium to reflect and discuss matters “striking” us in the present, a present time that meets and detects the distance of the past.

TBQvoices works in conjunction with the theatre, the library, the social centres of Quarticciolo, the cultural circuits of the city, of the country and also the international ones.

Editorial staff: Giorgio Andriani, Dalila D’Amico, Valentina Marini, Federica Migliotti, Antonino Pirillo, Valentina Valentini
Conception by: Valentina Valentini
Translations by: Julian Vizioli
Translation check by: Valentina Ajmone Marsàn
Photos: Paolo Emilio Cenciarelli
TBQvoices web graphic design by: Lorenzo Giansante
TBQvoices printed graphic: Ilaria Dotti, Franco Mancinelli [Y Brand]