We are here

Valentina Valentini

We move forward together (cum correre): with whom? To do what?
Beside the projects, actions: what have we in mind to do, where and with whom?
Embarassment is revealed which is, above all, of what action to take.
We speak of people and of the feeling of courage, but also indignation for the reality of things.
Experience navigates in an area with no history and no confrontation.

Like you, I also ask myself how to react: take on the responsibility to generate dissent, open up delicate matters, commit oneself to defending an idea. We don’t have to agree, but we move forward together, we talk, we don’t waste energy.

“In common is not mixing up, merging together, nor unison. Separation and distance are her guardians. Guardians of relationships which don’t fear each other, precisely because they are challenged”1 .

It would be great to be able to contribute to the making of a vision where actions have an effect on a common territory.


Appeal for action
(free use of extracts from the following texts)

changing habits is our new form of protest
diminishing the ego so as to live as us

we cannot remain separate, alone

But remember to be happy

do simple actions, take blankets to those who do not have them, prepare soup for those who have nothing to eat
break things down into their smallest components, to get to the essence
reflect on the past, to influence, to get beneath the surface, to understand what that past contains.

But remember to be happy

reach a deeper understanding of reality
encourage freedom and develop responsibility through discipline

share our knowledge

But remember to be happy

bring the enthusiasm of youth to professional life
get to know different worlds; keep learning

don’t get lost in conformity

But remember to be happy

redistribute earnings and improve the working and living conditions of workers

clean the earth and behave with respect to all that keeps us alive

build new houses and new “families”

But remember to be happy

invent stories, create illusions

give oneself to something beyond ourselves

contrast loneliness with sharing and joy

But remember to be happy

reduce the funding of the police force to change the deeply racist America
think about and organize the metropolitan sphere, insist on public policies

more than leaving things exactly as they are we must make an effort to radically change them

What are we willing to go without?
We have energy, passion, courage, “chutzpah”, audacity and resistance
this challenge will need time. I’m not in a hurry.


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We are here

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