Hamletic exercise

Roberto Latini

it may be a whim, it may be a vice,
it may be a “Hamletic” exercise to define oneself, to non-define oneself, weighing up the negation, but the first thought in reply to the solicitation about  WHAT TIME IT IS makes me try to write about THE TIME THAT IS NOT.
WHAT TIME IS IT NOT? I would say trying to improvise, like one does in jazz, which allows variations on the theme because one knows how to play.
I’m attracted, therefore, fatally, by the admirable power of the undefinedness, by its disarming way of disarming, by its seeking among the trials of thought.

“IT IS NOT THE TIME” of speed, of synapsis, not of anguish, not of conquest.
it is not the time to look for destinations, travelling is not important anymore, neither are images, not the horizon to medicate shortsightedness, not to try to resemble the project we sign or to stop and search through the formula of the suspended ideas, in architecture or in words, more and more incapable, never really understood, gathered in the fireplace like breadcrumbs. Like bits of pain that we allow to slip from the holes in our pockets while we are waiting.

“it is not the time” to look at each other searching for resemblances of the sensation of what we were, of us lying down, drying our tears, drying our soul in the sun which is never out in the right season, in the empty sun that fills our uninteresting day, that has nothing to do with us, we are never looked after by the sun. 

“it is not the time” could perhaps be comforting, perhaps more theatrical than the theatre itself, that is never ready for the character on stage, who actually tries not to be ready in order to be caught in his unreadiness, photographed out of focus, blurred without a photo, like the drop curtain that opens and closes its eyelids continuously, complying with at least one tick.
tac tic tac tic tac tic tac

it is not the time to be ready, finally.
it is not the time to act as counts, countesses, contentions.
it is not the time for chants, chianti wine, crying and laughing and laughing is crying.
it is not the time for contacts, cash, of many to be content with a lot of cash.

it is not the time to transpose, betray, convene, convince
to seduce, sedate, sit.
whether to give it.                                                                      

it is not the time of doubt.
the problem, the matter, the question: what time is it?

If now was the time, it would be, meanwhile, it is not.


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