In harmony Editorial

Valentina Valentini

A Manifesto is the power behind the desire to change

A Manifesto is written to affirm people’s rights, an idea, a vision of the world: to show a perspective we are aiming for

a manifesto is for something and against something

a manifesto is an agit prop
a manifesto is a communicative format that inspires action
a manifesto is written to affirm and to contrast


From the published articles here I have extrapolated this thematic map


what do you want to do away with?
Clarity, assertiveness, transparency, evidence,
what is unwanted?
Walls, exclusion
being isolated


We say no to a significantly higher rate of students dropping out of school early in the Quarticciolo neighbourhood compared to other historical outer marginalized city areas

We don’t want young people, also juveniles, to contact criminals

We say no to work environments that don’t take into consideration people’s physical and psychological well-being
We say no to a majority of cisgender white males in positions of institutional power/editorship/artistic direction
We say no to doing things anyway
We say no to novelty
NO. We don’t need to reopen activities if the conditions for doing so don’t exist, so that everyone is safe


We say no to a society that has created a scale for assessing abilities,
has chosen the bodies and the life styles that have a right to live in the world, has constructed natural reserves and controlled spaces
we can no longer accept that under a single comfortable vocabulary which has the air of medical science our bodies, our individual stories and our ever changing identities are reported and made banal.

We say no to strong identities like male and female expressed by the symbols M or F
We say no to the trans experience which throughout history has been denied and hidden, confined among perversions and mental illness to be repressed or consigned to mental hospitals or prisons, considered as something spectacular, limited to prostitution, in the studios of psychiatrists, criminologists and surgeons.


What do we want to construct?
what remains secret, hidden, occult, enigmatic

We’d like to work in the network, exchange information, unite forces, organize this wealth of exchange and mutual support.

We want to promote sport, artistic activities, sociality among equals, computer literacy, the basic cultural input and incentives to prevent alienation from school.

We want to start up collective education courses, an antidote to antisocial behaviour at home and in the neighbourhood

We want to contribute to the development of everybody’s potential. We desire that everyone born in Quarticciolo or who comes to live here has the same possibilities of those who live in wealthier areas.

We can imagine an innovative musical education that reaches beyond the school curriculum and passes through the social structures and neighbourhoods because even in Italy, in fact above all in Italy something existed, it just needs to be restored. There used to be street bands, who as well as having taught generations of professionals accompanied social events. There were places where people met to dance or rather one danced in order to meet other people. There were songs during the month of May when farm workers challenged each other in rhyming couplets to welcome the arrival of spring. There were work songs to give dignity and sense to life’s toil and ancient and powerful cultural resilience

We want to build up a terminology which represents a possible tool box to use to rebuild paths
Gender variant as a fabulous paradigm of differences
another identity, fluid, non-binary which is searching for the freedom to be and to express oneself.
It is time to join the different struggles, come out of hiding, start speaking.

Construct new possible spaces
bodies, stories, everchanging identities

Listening to stuttering, unfinished sentences, mistaken vocabulary is necessary


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